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Social Distancing Rules

Visiting your local showroom

Our showroom is now operating on a private appointment basis only. This therefore means that you, or you and your partner, would be the only customers in the showroom at that time. In addition:

  • We will keep at least 2 metres from you and obviously won’t shake hands when they greet you
  • We will give you the opportunity to wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser
  • All the surfaces and door handles etc. in the showroom will be kept clean and sanitised

This will all help to ensure that you’ll be able to relax and take all the time you need to discuss your project with us, plus look at design options, finishes and appliances etc.

To make an appointment, call us on 01279 868800 or email [email protected] or online on the contact us page of our website https://markdavid.co.uk/contact-us/

Measuring up in your home

As a first step, we will arrange to come to you on an agreed date and time, though will obviously also check that there are no self-isolation cases in your home.

When we come to your home to measure up, we will sanitise our hands before entering and keep at least a 2 metre distance from you. You can then leave us to it, and normally the process only takes about 15 minutes anyway.

Alternatively, you could take all the measurements yourself then email those to us.

Discussing the design brief

Following the measuring exercise and however this is carried out, we will arrange a phone call with you to discuss the design brief, and also your budget figure which we can then work to.


We obviously understand that our customers may have concerns about having trades people in their homes, but we’re confident that sufficient practical measures can be put in place to hugely reduce any risk. As an outline of what we’ve agreed with all our installation partners:

  1. Always keeping a 2 metre distance from you in conversations and never coming into physical contact –e.g. they won’t shake hands when they first meet you.
  2. Ahead of any work taking place, agreeing with you practical ways to isolate the room they’re going to be working in from the rest of your home. For example, if it’s a kitchen with direct access from outside, then only using this entrance in and out, and keeping doors closed to other rooms.
  3. Sanitising their hands before each time they come into the room they’re working in, plus bringing their own hand towels and disposable wipes.

In addition, either myself or Leigh –who will also be your project manager –will check that there are no self-isolation cases in your home before the installers arrives.

One important measure that will be discussed with you and an agreement reached, is the toilet arrangements for the installers. What’s agreed will depend on each individual case and what’s acceptable to you.

Talk to us!

Even if you’re just considering a new kitchen – and perhaps because you’re motivated to do so because of a cancelled holiday and spending far too much time at home –then get in touch and we can start talking.

A Guide to Kitchen Costs. Choosing the right kitchen is very important for longevity, design and quality. Mark David Kitchens Sawbridgeworth can help!
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A Guide to Kitchen Costs

A Guide to Kitchen Costs

One of the first questions new kitchen customers want to know when they call into our showroom is : How much does a new kitchen cost? Although this a very difficult question to answer, I will try my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines in A Guide to Kitchen Costs.

The purchase of a new kitchen is much like the purchase of a new car or even a new home. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. Just as a Ford Fiesta can start around £16K with just a basic package. It can quickly cost over £24K once the shopper adds such items as leather seats, heated seats, chrome finishes, 4 wheel drive, 5 doors versus 3, upgraded wheels, dual exhausts, built in GPS etc.

A Guide to Kitchen Costs. Choosing the right kitchen is very important for longevity, design and quality. Mark David Kitchens Sawbridgeworth can help!Considering that the average consumer in this country sells or trades in their car within the first five years of purchase, why do so many people elect to get so many upgrades? The answer is that most people understand the importance of getting what they want the first time so as to not have any regrets down the road. Because most people spend over 30 minutes a day in their cars, they want to make sure their car will provide them with comfort, quality, longevity and ease of use.

The same principles typically apply to most new kitchen customers.

You are going to see and live in your new kitchen every day for as long as you live in your home, and picking the right kitchen with the right options the first time is critical to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance and longevity. Because of this, most customers elect to choose the kitchen that will make them happiest in the long run.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the new kitchen with the goal of finding the cheapest supplier, therefore sacrificing aesthetics, design, quality, longevity, service and warranty, which inevitably leads to regret – especially considering that unlike a new car, a new kitchen cannot be traded in if you are dissatisfied and disenchanted.

A Guide to Kitchen Costs

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  • Choosing a Kitchen that Caters for Comfort - Mark David Kitchens, Sawbridgeworth
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Catering for Comfort

Choosing a Kitchen that Caters for Comfort

‘Comfort kitchens’, such as the contemporary German manufactured kitchen from the Mark David collection, enabling the customer to tailor a kitchen precisely to their needs – practical, convenient and comfortable.

As we reach the twilight of our lives we have different priorities when choosing a new kitchen. It is with this in mind that Mark David now offers a range of “Comfort Kitchens” which demonstrate many small yet well thought out details to make day to day tasks that easier. These details include:

  • A slanted sink base unit and recessed base units under the hob area allowing you to sit comfortably when preparing and cooking food
  • Motorised lift up doors on wall units
  • Top shelves in wall units made easily accessible by using the “lift boy” mechanism which allows the shelf to come easily down to you (as above)
  • Practical midway shelving for smaller items.
  • Convenient heights for dishwashers and cooking appliances
  • Easy to use top drawers
  • Functional handles

With Mark David’s range of kitchens, customers of all generations can design their own dream kitchen to make their life easier!

Choosing a Kitchen that Caters for Comfort

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A touch of Glass

Add a Real Touch of Glass to your Designer Kitchen

Integrating innovative glass elements directly into a kitchen design, such as the Contemporary Kitchen Design pictured here, can provide a real show-stopping signature feature.

By offering exclusive Ritzenhoff glass designs, we provide our customers with the opportunity to integrate innovative glass elements directly into their own kitchen design.

Ritzenhoff glass is an internationally renowned design brand and as a result of their partnership with over 300 designers it has become a global influence for innovative design.

Whether it’s a door, drawer, handle or splash-back, the designer glass elements fit into each type of Mark David modern kitchen and can be achieved in almost every front.

The customer is free to choose a few carefully selected pieces or whole cabinets in the Ritzenhoff design to complement their new kitchen… something that is proving very popular with Mark David’s customers in the UK.

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Modern Handle-less Kitchen Design

Do Modern Handle-less Kitchen Design have to be so Limited?

One of the most popular contemporary kitchen features is the handle-less design, such as the German manufactured kitchen pictured here available from Mark David.

This streamlined, handsome modern design incorporates a linear handle rail cavity which allows designers to incorporate a flowing and unbroken handle line.

But generally, due to its design, handle-less kitchens can have a reputation for having their limitations, for example:

  • Only certain appliances with certain apertures can be used, giving less choice
  • Unnecessary panels have to be used to cover up cut-outs in the base unit carcase sides
  • Due to a lesser worktop overhang of 5mm being required, all base units have to be pulled off the wall when used with a standard 600mm deep worktop. This means the use of infills in most cases or extra cost of extended carcase sides if available.
  • The handlerail is only available in stainless steel
  • Having to remember what door sizes, door finishes and cabinets are not available in a handle-less design

At Mark David, we’re pleased to report that our range of German modern kitchens go a long way to help alleviate most of these limitations:

  • Ballerina offer a vertical handlerail as well as a horizontal handlerail in a choice of TEN standard colours
  • There are 26 standard carcase colours inside and out to choose from
  • There is a separate dedicated handle-less price list and product guide – clarifying exactly what door sizes, door finishes and cabinets are available
  • As well as standard tall housing units in the handle-less range, Ballerina offers module units which can be designed to your own specification
  • Provided with each handle-less kitchen are detailed instructions, including special fitting accessories only applicable for the handle-less range – eg special “easy to use spacers” which tap into pre-drilled holes in the back of the base carcase so that when they are pushed to the wall they are set at the right depth to allow for a 5mm overhang on a standard 600mm deep worktop
  • Any end panels or end base carcases are automatically extended to the right depth for handle-less at no extra charge
  • Special drawer widths between 310mm to 1190mm can be specified in handle-less

This is an example of the sort of thinking and attention to detail that Mark David offer to our kitchen loving customers!

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